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kRaZyAzN's News

Posted by kRaZyAzN - September 22nd, 2008

well, she told me this morning that when I got home from school I had to turn on the "slow-cooker" or whatever. I forgot, she get's all pissed off and changes the password on my laptop and takes up all my games.

Damn asian parents.

Posted by kRaZyAzN - September 20th, 2008

meh, boring filler post.

Yesterday I had to go to swim team practice at Rice University, 45 minutes away from where I live, 1 hour 30 minutes with traffic. Left at 2 in the afternoon and went to pick up 2 other people, the other person we usually carpool with went to go to the mall with friends and skip practice. Tough practice too, and on the way back we had been caught in rush hour traffic.

We took the toll lane to get back quicker, but the toll was free because of Hurricane Ike so a lot of people took the toll lane. hour and a half to get back. So it was 5:45 when I got back. We also saw a carcrash. A big van was hit by an SUV. There's was a lot of kids, but I don't think they were physically injured. Maybe a little emotionally shocked. It was on its side, pretty scary.

Then we immediately left for dinner and I didn't get back until 9. We went to a Fiesta just to check it out, lots of mexicans and black people, I saw maybe 3 white people. Lots of tortiallas, cheap too. Must've been smuggled from Mexico... So yeah, if you wanted to brawl me, sorry.

Today we had practice again, in the morning. Left at 8:30 and I just got back at 12. It was easier since we had dry-lands for 45 minutes in the beginning.

Played some dodge ball, pretty fun. We lost though, swimmers suck at throwing.... and catching, they run around like little pussies. The rules were kinda weird, when you get out you go to the perimeter of the other side. So, we can pass to them and then we get on a play or whatever. If the other team doesn't get the ball, then we can keep throwing and passing. That's what happened to our team. There was 3 of us left and a lot of them were surrounding us, they kept throwing the ball at us and they were too pussy to go get the ball before it went out of the boundary and so that the other team could keep pegging us. I had to retrieve the ball a few times saving us, but it was to no avail. I was the second to last out. the other team surrounding the last person tried to lob pass it to the other side, we told him to catch it. It was a weak pass, but he dropped it. wow...

so I just got back at noon. Free to brawl!



Posted by kRaZyAzN - September 16th, 2008

damnit Ike! We had Friday off, and monday, and tuesday. Now I just learned today that we won't be having school until next week. God, I am soo bored. Even Brawl is getting dull.

so yeah, probably won't have anything going on in my life for a while. So, this blog is free to do some idle things. Like... Ask an Asian! The thread was locked by Rucklo due to... "spam". thread was pretty funny and interesting though. I am now moving it here! It'll be a little slower, and it won't have the same humor as the General forums, but have at it. Go on, ask me anything. Or just talk to me about anything.

Yeah, boring...


EDIT 9-17-08: Well, I've made a thread in the General forums. Maybe some of you have read it.

It was about how gay people on NG constantly post pics of guys kissing and such. It was locked by snayk (who is now a mod, congrats). I was really being hated there, I was actually surprised by the reaction. I thought people would agree with me, but no. The thread didn't go my way, perhaps it shouldn't have. It was really quite terrible the way I acted. I was going to make an apology in the thread, but it was locked. This is my apology right here.

I am sorry, gay community of Newgrounds. I was discriminating, even though I was trying not to. I just can't see two guys kissing, maybe I'll never understand why some of you like it. But I guess you can't help it. My views are biased in this way, but I hope that I can overcome my disliking of gays.

I've never actually had a problem with you guys, really. I think gay people are generally kind people, but today you've shown me that you are also quite strong in your beliefs. For that I admire you. I am just terribly sorry that my views are biased in this manner, I hope you can forgive me.

I have 5 days to dwell upon this. So I have no school, nothing. Just 5 days of nothing, to really think about what I've done here... feel free to relinquish your anger at me.


EDIT: 9-17-08:

Happy picture that verycoolguy and Crink made on the SSBC's xat chat box. Just tying to lighten the mood.

No school until Monday...

Posted by kRaZyAzN - September 14th, 2008

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/96 8664

yep, another one of those shitastic threads. Fire away.

please no "How small is your dick?" questions.

edit: added a smiley.

EDIT: Thread locked by Rucklo. :(

Posted by kRaZyAzN - September 11th, 2008

Yeah, I live in Texas, not that far from the coast. In a small suburban town called Katy, a little west of Houston.

Well, our school is canceled for this Friday, but we'll have to make it up later on in the year. A lot of people are evacuating, a lot of them are overreacting; it's like Rita three years ago. Store shelves are empty, etc. etc.

Last time, during Rita, our family evacuated to a friend's place in Austin, but not this time. I can only hope that the storm dies out like Rita, minimal damage. Don't even know if we'll have school on Monday yet.

Nothing much more to say. Just hope that everyone will be safe during this Hurricane.

EDIT 9-12-08: lol@people buying 20 gallons of gas so that they can sell them at a higher price. What genius I'm seeing here.

EDIT 9-13-08: The hurricane has pretty much passed. We've got some broken fences, pines all over our driveway, but that's pretty much it.

New blog coming soon, plus I'm unbanned!

Posted by kRaZyAzN - September 9th, 2008

I guess no one cares about my swim team blog. I can understand though. I was rambling and I don't think a lot of people could connect or say anything.

But I had practice again today, yesterday my dad and 3 other parents set up a carpool system. So now I carpool with 3 other people, 2 dudes, and a girl. They're all chinese... <_<

Well, I can understand because you know... it's just more comfortable for our parents. My carpool mates are alright. Two are freshmen in highschool, including the girl. The other guy I've known previously, he used to go to my school, but he moved. He was a little weird... a little queer...

Ah, but my last carpool buddy person... I liked better. She was a Chinese girl who went to Beckendorff, but we could relate because she had gone to the same elementary as a lot of the people at Beck. (My school) We get off slowly... pretty quiet, just awkward silence on the car ride to the pool. But we started talking, and it was all fine and dandy. We carpooled for over a year, so we got to know each other pretty well. Had lunch with her family at Chili's and they invited us to a party at their house. We sometimes went to swim meets in places very far away, 2-3 hours at times. It wasn't that boring though, quite entertaining. And she made me talk to some random person (that she knew) on the phone. That person... I wasn't very fond of. I called her stupid and she argued back, "I'm not stupid!" In a whiney, high-pitch voice.

But during last summer, she suggested going to a summer camp with her at Rice University. Her mom talked to my mom about it, and it was planned that I would carpool with her and with some other people to Rice every morning. But then... they had a sudden switch of plans. They gave my spot away to someone else, and so I wasn't able to go to Rice because my parents had no way of sending me. Ever since then, my mom has felt bitter towards her mom. We stopped carpooling and never spoke to each other since... I would have liked to carpool with her again, for a third year but they just got back from a vacation in China, and her mom forgot to sign her up for the swim team. (They're pretty unorganized, and sometimes unreliable to get to practice on time.) And this year she won't be swimming. Because 1, forgot to sign up;and 2, she has to go to Kumon, an afterschool program for reading and math.

Ah... oh well.

But one thing during practice today cheered me up. A girl, (who wasn't Asian), said something to me. She was my third grade classmate in elementary school. (sounds silly already, right?) Well, we got to talking about imature third grade stuff during a music class, but she laughed at it. She moved to sit next to me and held my hand (*blush*). So we had a sort of boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, however unserious those are, because remember, it was the Third grade. so for the whole year, we were buddies, bffs, whatever. But in fourth grade, she wasn't in my class. I don't know what was wrong with me, either I forgot about her over the summer or I just didn't see her. Didn't talk to her, not one word the whole year. *facedesk*, how foolish of me. She hung out with another guy in 5th grade, and pretty much everyone in 5th grade liked her. (She was the prettiest 5th grader. ever.) And she later went to a different Junior High than I did... :(

And little did I know, she had been on that swim team for quite some time. I joined in 6th grade, but I wasn't in her group. She was much more advanced. Well, after some of the groups got merged together (described in my last post), we were in the same group. And today, the coaches made us move around the lanes, and get to know the people there. Not like a chatting period, but we only did 50's. (round-way trip from one end of the pool to another). And a long rest interval, so we could talk. We could on switching groups and then I ended up in her lane. Now at this time, I thought that she had completely forgotten me. (I'd thought that she'd forgotten me in 5th grade). so, 5 years since we last talked. She just said, "Hi! Did you go to Williams?". I reply a short "yeah". "You were in my third grade class! Remember?" That made me feel good, I thought she had completely forgotten me, but no. That made me feel quite happy for the rest of practice.

Oh man, I was rambling again. Sorry. I bet this is boring as hell too, but it's just a way that I can let my feelings out.

Posted by kRaZyAzN - September 8th, 2008

So I'm on a competitive swim team. And yes, that means we wear speedos... but I have the decently long ones, other guys (especially the gay ones) wear the ones that are like fucking bikinis. Oh and the girls have one-pieces and most of them are really... annoying with high pitched voices. So don't get any ideas about saying, "Dude, you get all these hot chics" Although, a coupe are rather good lucking... and not annoying. And those are from my school, Beck. Some other school, that I very much despise, Beckendorff is full of geeks, gays, generally annoying people, and 1/3 of the student body is asian. As to why I depise that school, that's a story for another time. But if you really want to know, it's not that much, but if you ask here, I'll answer.

The first day of practice was today, I haven't swam since the last practice 2 months ago. Man, it was supposed to be easy, but I was really tired, hence the "beat up" face.

We swam... in this order.

400 freestyle
300 reverse im, drill.
300 kick, 100 free, 100 choice, 100 free.
4x50 choice sprint
100 easy
4 25s, focusing on the "laws of swimming*"
100 easy

Pretty easy, but still. 2 months without swimming can make it really hard. It was from 4:30 until 6:00, just an hour and a half. Monday-Friday. But that's only this week. After this week, our team will be divided into bronze, silver, and gold.

Depending on:

1. attendance rate
2. T-30 test results (swim for 30 minutes, get as many laps as you can.)- probably the biggest factor
3. just generally not being a smart ass to the coaches and such.

gold>silver<bronze. Of course, the lower groups have less intense practices and a shorter practice. I will probably make bronze, just because of my sucking at the T-30. We have Thursdays off after this week.

Now, do I like swimming? Not really... my parents, particularly my mom, force me to do swim team. It keeps me in shape though, if I had never joined, I would be... really skinny, no muscles what so ever. I don't have that self-drive to do exercise on my own. But I always try hard in P.E. Stupid thing is that my mom will let me join another sports team for school (i.e. track), but I have to keep swimming. That's what I did last year during the track season.

right after school, 3:30 head to the Gym, get dressed, and start track. Very tiring, I did long-distance. We ran 4-6 miles every day. Our practices ended at... damn, 4:30? but that's only an hour... it might have been longer. Then I went to swimming at 6:00. At that time, there was no bronze, silver, and gold system. Just groups, like tadpole, stingray, maco, tigershark, etc. We had 6:00 practice, no time conflict. And it was lucky for me because our old coach quit (he was cool), and we got an old lady from the... Netherlands? So she gave us really easy, really easy practices. It was more of a relaxation than a workout.

But this time it's different. 4:30 to 6:00, time conflict there. Plus, the practices are very intense, I'll be dead after a week of track+swimming combination. No time to eat, or even change either. I want to just quit swimming for a few weeks to do track, but my mom is a bitch. So fucking stubborn.

Ah... sorry if I was rambling, and if that post is really long. So yeah, swim team... and this is the first time that I've ever used this face, because I'm so tired...

Posted by kRaZyAzN - September 6th, 2008

Wow... so quickly.

ERROR - You have been temporarily banned from posting to the BBS for 7 days. You have 6 days, 14 hours, 27 minutes and 55 seconds left until your ban is lifted. Do not attempt to create a secondary account to get around this ban. If we find evidence of you doing so all of your accounts will be terminated.

Reason for ban: Discussing piracy on the BBS. You knew it was against the rules, so you have no excuse. Dry-Ice

I was trying to get a product code for Microsoft Word 2007. Meh. I'll find one myself to finish my english homework.

I'm such a ban magnet.

EDIT 9-7-08: Oh, I used a "hack" to make word work. I don't need any product codes anymore. Thanks to everyone who tried to give me a product code.

Posted by kRaZyAzN - September 1st, 2008

Ha, I know better than this.

ERROR - You have been temporarily banned from posting to the BBS for 3 days. You have 2 days, 14 hours, 28 minutes and 0 seconds left until your ban is lifted. Do not attempt to create a secondary account to get around this ban. If we find evidence of you doing so all of your accounts will be terminated.

Reason for ban: You have been banned for posting in a spam thread, entitled "Hey Poozy,." This only fuels the flames and keeps the topic alive. This is a mandatory ban.

I simply said that they were going to get banned for posting in the thread. Didn't know that it doesn't matter what you put. Meh, be back on Thursday.


EDIT 9-3-08: About me failing Algebra... I'm not! :D

The teacher was really generous and just took 15 points off, instead of just giving me a 0. I was going to get a 94+5 points for parent signature=99, but I got an 84. I'm very happy.And I got my quiz back, 87+corrections=87+5 points=92 quiz grade! HW average: 84, quiz average:92, test average:___ I have an A! :D

And I can post in the SSBC and respond to PMs etc. tomorrow morning, ban will be lifted in 7 hours!


EDIT 9-4-08: Unbanned, plus new blog coming soon.

Posted by kRaZyAzN - August 29th, 2008

Ugh. I was coming from 4th period science to get my locker. But I grabbed the wrong binder. I hadn't noticed until I sat down with it. That day we had to turn in all our homework that week. We have daily homework, the teacher takes all the papers for one grade. So I didn't have my homework.

I asked to go get it, but he just shook his head. I got a zero for that homework grade. So, I had foolishly grabbed the wrong binder and now I'm failing Algebra. With like a 30. Damn, and that class is for high school credit, I had better get an A average by the end of the six weeks.


Edit 8-30-08: Banned for a day.

ERROR - You have been temporarily banned from posting to the BBS for 1 days. You have 5 hours, 31 minutes and 44 seconds left until your ban is lifted. Do not attempt to create a secondary account to get around this ban. If we find evidence of you doing so all of your accounts will be terminated.

Reason for ban: You have been banned for posting in a spam thread, entitled "hey." This only fuels the flames and keeps the topic alive. This is a mandatory ban.

Is this one of those mandatory bans by bots? No mod name. Maybe they just don't want a PM.

It was a topic asking if NG'ers were fat. I just said "no." And Now I'm banned. Meh, whatever.

EDIT 8-31-08: unbanned!