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I'm failing Algebra...

Posted by kRaZyAzN - August 29th, 2008

Ugh. I was coming from 4th period science to get my locker. But I grabbed the wrong binder. I hadn't noticed until I sat down with it. That day we had to turn in all our homework that week. We have daily homework, the teacher takes all the papers for one grade. So I didn't have my homework.

I asked to go get it, but he just shook his head. I got a zero for that homework grade. So, I had foolishly grabbed the wrong binder and now I'm failing Algebra. With like a 30. Damn, and that class is for high school credit, I had better get an A average by the end of the six weeks.


Edit 8-30-08: Banned for a day.

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Is this one of those mandatory bans by bots? No mod name. Maybe they just don't want a PM.

It was a topic asking if NG'ers were fat. I just said "no." And Now I'm banned. Meh, whatever.

EDIT 8-31-08: unbanned!

Comments (12)

Damn, that sucks.

How do you fail because you missed a homework?

um... because I get a zero for that homework grade. A zero on anything = failing grade.

All hail to the Dutch schooling system.

lol, do you not get bad grades for missing homework?

We don't even get grades for homework, there's a link about how our system works on my blog =)


algebra is a piece of piss


I hate Algebra, I much prefer history.

I don't like math much either. History's ok as long as the teacher is fun, it can really be a great class.

Don't care who the teacher is.
I like the past much more than the present.


But I think a good teacher is important for history. They're good at telling the stories and such.

Move to The Netherlands = Get a great school.


I'm fine at my school, I love it here. Just that one incident. I'm so disorientated going to that class for some reason.

If you fail Algebra then your status as Azn will be revoked. The reasons for failure are unimportant, only the result matters. Your name will be changed to kRaZy.

Failing because of homework? . . . Only in Texas.

Oh snap, I'm not asian any more... (cries)

And it was like our first grade. It's 15% of our whole grade. So, I guess if I have a 100 average for tests and a 100 average for quizzes I would have an 85.

After looking at a comment you left on NikeNick's blog, this thought crossed my mind.

"Do those newfag's honestly think that Nick owned me?"
Then I facepalmed because, you probably do.

It's things like this that make me hate man kind.

not really... it was a rather imature "debate"

Eh don't worry about it, Algebra is a cake walk.

oh really?

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