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Stupid Asian mom.

Posted by kRaZyAzN - September 22nd, 2008

well, she told me this morning that when I got home from school I had to turn on the "slow-cooker" or whatever. I forgot, she get's all pissed off and changes the password on my laptop and takes up all my games.

Damn asian parents.

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Well since you just HAD to go and make a new news post, I suppose I'll just comment this again, but this time it'll be completely irrelevant:

Pikachu?.... THIS SPARTA!!! >:C

.....thanks a lot >:'(

what's >:'( ?

Angry faic is crying?

You got pwnt by them. My recommendation: Change the password on HER laptop, then take HER games/entertainment.

no, if I declare war in this way, she'll win. I've tried before.

I have Mexican parents! :D

wtf is a slow-cooker?

good for you.

Um... I dunno, just some pot thing that you plug into an outlet, and it cooks soup and stuff...

I was joking. But are you serious, you've actually tried taking away her forms of entertainment?

I did that once. My mom made me miss this movie that I wanted to watch on TV, so when it came to the movie that SHE wanted to watch, I kept turning off the main power (it's a light switch for some reason. I think the light just got removed and it's the TV power source now). She got so pissed after the 4th time or so, she just left the room and watched some other TV shows with my grandmother.

no, but if I try to strike back in any form, the punishment just gets worse.

Well done, well done. *clap clap clap*

Uh, it's a piano. Why's she upset about a piano.

And it's the same with my mom. "Get above a 95% on the test or you die!"

I hate piano...

damn, that sucks. Well, my mom is content with an 90 or above, but not necessarily happy. But if I get a 95+ then yeah, she'll be happy and such.

stfu you whiner

hmm... SgtDK?

Haha you suck.

is that really the best that you can come up with?

"Haha you suck."

honestly now.

You're racist against your parents?? O___o
Anways sucks for you.

Aaaaaand... I wanna team up with you but I'm not posting in the SSBC yet since I need 1 more post till my 2000th post and I'm making an epic thread.

oh, haha. Go ahead and plan that epic thread. Meh, I don't feel like team tourney anymore, busy.