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You actually WANT to go back to school? Dude, I'd be thanking God (if he exists) for sending a hurricane to my state so I can miss school. Admittedly, I wouldn't be playing Brawl all day, but still, just sitting around and doing nothing is just as good in my book.

it's boring. We have to make it up later in the year anyways. I want to see my friends.

Where in TX do you live? I used to live in Pasadena, which was like right in the path of Ike =P

I live in Katy. Small suburban a little west of Houston. We weren't hit very hard by the storm.

lol I love sitting back. It sucks you have to make it up though. By deafault my school doesnt have fridays. and we get out around June 12th.

oh wow, good for you. But I like school.

Dude, if people want to be gay, let them. Don't be hating on them just because they have a different orientation than you do. Personally, I'm not gay myself, but I have a gay friend (2? I can't remember), and he's pretty cool/nice. He knows that I don't like being hit on, so he doesn't do it, and we're both fine with it.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't have your own opinions, but at least don't be proclaiming your way as the right way or anything. It's like if someone else posted something saying "All Asians suck, I hate them" in the BBS.

hey, I already apologized. What else do you want?

I want your soul.

But no seriously, I just wanted to say that. Sure, you apologized, but I'm just saying, think before you say something like that next time. It might just be an innocent question/post in your mind, but it's not necessarily the same in the minds of other people.

that's a statement, how do you expect me to answer?

I'm glad you've noticed that gay people are "strong in their beliefs". I noticed this too just recently. It's so hard coming out as being gay because of the fear that people will reject you. I STILL haven't come out as being bi (or gay, idk yet) in real life. why? I'm soo scared people will treat me differently, and react exactly the way you reacted in your thread. It's a huge struggle and I doubt myself more and more everyday. People might think I'm seeking attention when I say I like guys, but if I really wanted attention I would have come out by now. Who in their right mind would pretend to be gay and put up with the bullshit that people throw at them? I just don't see why people can't be more understanding...

Sorry for my little rant but this topic is personal to me.... :(

yeah, I'm sorry. again. Hope everything turns out alright.

when you get unbanned, make a public apology.

I agree, I dislike looking at pictures of two guys kissing on newgrounds. but i also dislike looking at pictures of two girls kissing, not because im gay, but because i find it indecent.

I was going to make one, but the thread was locked and I was banned. I was typing it whilst it was being locked by snayk.

When did I say I wanted an answer from you? I just said that I wanted to type that and to tell you that you should think before you type things.

ok, you just said on xat that you asked me a question. Nevermind then.

No, I said that I posted on your news post. Nothing about a question.

um... ok. I thought you said to answer to your post. Whatever.


Weird picture. And why does the flower have vein things on its leaves? And why is the flower so big? And why does the sun have sunglasses? And why is there a raincloud in the background? And why is the ground white? And why does the ground look like a sea? And why is Kirby frowning? And why is Jigglypuff smiling/laughing at the fact that Kirby is frowning? And why am I asking you all of these questions?

the "flower" was drawn by cool. It was first a big veiny dick, but when I asked him what it was, he quickly covered it up. Making it look like a flower.

Then sun has sunglasses to protect himself from his own dangerous UV rays, of course.

again, the flower is big because it was first a big dick.

The "ground" isn't white. They're clouds. And the "ground" looks like a sea because Crink and cool aren't master artists.

Kirby is frowning because Crink drew it, he ruined the whole thing. Jigglypuff is laughing at it because it resembles cool laughing at Crink after beating him in brawl.

you're asking me these questions because you're bored?

I summoned that hurricane muahaa

you are the single coolest troll, ever. no, I'm serious.

That's just my passive troll power activating. I learned it at lv30 but now I'm a lv 70 troll

my god. Why do you never troll on the BBS?

Haha, nice answers. And wait, don't you live in Texas Sgt? Why would you hit yourself with a hurricane?

he's suicidal.

I live in the upper part of texas not near the coast, and I actually troll around the bbs sometimes with alts.

oh cool, pm me your alts so I can read your brilliant trolling schemes.

Um...can't the mods do something with tracking your IP address to find out which alts were made by what people? Or is that someone else?

I think they have your IP. They might be able to track us.

Yeah they know when I'm using alts, and why aren't you at the chatroom

Nice NG explorer.


5 days of nothing? While I don't care much for school, it sucks that you can't see your friends for a while.

Don't flame me or nothing, but I just don't like gays. It just ain't right to see two guys together being "friendly" with each other. That's not how it's supposed to be.

And you said the pic started off as a dick, then ended up being a flower?

5 days of nothing, and I'm banned from the BBS. I wish I could see my friends, yes.

I don't like it either, but they can't help it. Let them be.

lol, yeah. It was just the "leaves" and "stem". Which looked like balls and a dick.

Funny picture XD

INORIGHT? And it was all made in a little doodle feature. All mouse.

SSBC has a xat chat?

yes, yes it does.


I believe. But I think I linked to it.

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