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Posted by kRaZyAzN - September 9th, 2008

I guess no one cares about my swim team blog. I can understand though. I was rambling and I don't think a lot of people could connect or say anything.

But I had practice again today, yesterday my dad and 3 other parents set up a carpool system. So now I carpool with 3 other people, 2 dudes, and a girl. They're all chinese... <_<

Well, I can understand because you know... it's just more comfortable for our parents. My carpool mates are alright. Two are freshmen in highschool, including the girl. The other guy I've known previously, he used to go to my school, but he moved. He was a little weird... a little queer...

Ah, but my last carpool buddy person... I liked better. She was a Chinese girl who went to Beckendorff, but we could relate because she had gone to the same elementary as a lot of the people at Beck. (My school) We get off slowly... pretty quiet, just awkward silence on the car ride to the pool. But we started talking, and it was all fine and dandy. We carpooled for over a year, so we got to know each other pretty well. Had lunch with her family at Chili's and they invited us to a party at their house. We sometimes went to swim meets in places very far away, 2-3 hours at times. It wasn't that boring though, quite entertaining. And she made me talk to some random person (that she knew) on the phone. That person... I wasn't very fond of. I called her stupid and she argued back, "I'm not stupid!" In a whiney, high-pitch voice.

But during last summer, she suggested going to a summer camp with her at Rice University. Her mom talked to my mom about it, and it was planned that I would carpool with her and with some other people to Rice every morning. But then... they had a sudden switch of plans. They gave my spot away to someone else, and so I wasn't able to go to Rice because my parents had no way of sending me. Ever since then, my mom has felt bitter towards her mom. We stopped carpooling and never spoke to each other since... I would have liked to carpool with her again, for a third year but they just got back from a vacation in China, and her mom forgot to sign her up for the swim team. (They're pretty unorganized, and sometimes unreliable to get to practice on time.) And this year she won't be swimming. Because 1, forgot to sign up;and 2, she has to go to Kumon, an afterschool program for reading and math.

Ah... oh well.

But one thing during practice today cheered me up. A girl, (who wasn't Asian), said something to me. She was my third grade classmate in elementary school. (sounds silly already, right?) Well, we got to talking about imature third grade stuff during a music class, but she laughed at it. She moved to sit next to me and held my hand (*blush*). So we had a sort of boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, however unserious those are, because remember, it was the Third grade. so for the whole year, we were buddies, bffs, whatever. But in fourth grade, she wasn't in my class. I don't know what was wrong with me, either I forgot about her over the summer or I just didn't see her. Didn't talk to her, not one word the whole year. *facedesk*, how foolish of me. She hung out with another guy in 5th grade, and pretty much everyone in 5th grade liked her. (She was the prettiest 5th grader. ever.) And she later went to a different Junior High than I did... :(

And little did I know, she had been on that swim team for quite some time. I joined in 6th grade, but I wasn't in her group. She was much more advanced. Well, after some of the groups got merged together (described in my last post), we were in the same group. And today, the coaches made us move around the lanes, and get to know the people there. Not like a chatting period, but we only did 50's. (round-way trip from one end of the pool to another). And a long rest interval, so we could talk. We could on switching groups and then I ended up in her lane. Now at this time, I thought that she had completely forgotten me. (I'd thought that she'd forgotten me in 5th grade). so, 5 years since we last talked. She just said, "Hi! Did you go to Williams?". I reply a short "yeah". "You were in my third grade class! Remember?" That made me feel good, I thought she had completely forgotten me, but no. That made me feel quite happy for the rest of practice.

Oh man, I was rambling again. Sorry. I bet this is boring as hell too, but it's just a way that I can let my feelings out.

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boring as hell, but I still read it. :D
Surprising that she remembered you from the third grade.

It's nice to see old friends who remember you after so long! ^^

(btw, you said Rice University right? That wouldn't happen to be in El Campo, would it?)

um, rice is in Texas. I don't know what El Campo is... Thanks for reading.

and lol... 3 of my posts have been deleted. I remember getting banned at 2,700 posts.

I read the first paragraph...do I win....?

the first paragraph is 3 short sentences with like 5 words each. >_>

Gawd, you like typing long posts don't you? I read it all, but I sorta rushed it. Can't really talk right now, so...whatever. But yeah, what ninjakoopa said, it's always nice to see old friends (who actually remember you).

Yeah... it is real nice. She made my day. Sorta.

And about having long posts: I have a lot of stuff happen. But I always stray and tell anecdotes about stuff in the past. I ramble and jump some times.

btw, check out my new post!


I'm happy you get to be with your friends again.

I don't know if I would consider her a "friend", yet. Because I haven't talked to her in 5 years, literally.

Well I imagine you're going to at least try to rekindle the friendship, no?

it was the third grade... We were very immature. But yes, I guess it's possible. Thanks.

I'd consider her your friend. I consider my friends to be my friends even though the last time we even saw each other was in 3rd grade. Of course, that's mainly because we go to the same school now, so we see each other again.

yeah, but she goes to a different school now, and she'll be going to a different highschool. But, I guess there's always a chance of exchanging emails and such.



on NBC.


What? lol.

Where have you been? You need to get back on the ssbc.

I'm curious, what school district are you in since we live in the same state.

Oh, you live in Texas? Cool.

Katy ISD. You?

If you want to be with her, just transfer schools. My friend did that a week or so ago. I'm pretty sure you could go to her school if you live at least somewhat close together...

it's ok actually. Though I would like that, I depise that school. It's filled with geeks, cocky jocks who suck balls (they ALWAY lose to us by a very large margin, but they think they're the shit). I love my school.

Having an hour, 40 minutes everyday is good enough for me.

Katy ISD?
I'm in Wharton ISD, and yes, it's in Texas

(probably never heard of it though, right?)

lol, nope. Is it nice there? Because I love my school. :3

Wharton ISD is nice, except that the teachers here have everyone disorganized.

disorganized = more homework, less time to relax, longer after-school stuff, etc.

oh. I think it's pretty organized here.

Keller isd for me


Lol, I feel left out now, since I don't live in Texas.

lol, aw... What state do you live in then?

It's cOLD in here.


not funny.

*wink wink


And btw, the blog isn't THAT boring. Kind of interesting, but you should make them short, funny, and aimed towards a very specific auidence.

What are you talking about? It''s true, I'm not writing made up stories here... I can make long posts if I want.

My thread is longer =b
But interesting story, sucks about the girl.

lol, yeah. I guess.