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I loved every level. They were all special and unique challenges. The music and colors fit perfectly. Everything was great.

The only disappointing side was nothing after you beat the game. Not even a "you win".

One question: Was "Hanna" a guy or a girl?

CMU responds:

There's a reward after you get every achievement, but you're right, not at the end of the game.

Hanna is a girl, despite her somewhat androgynous appearance!

Tank is broken

It was very interesting in the begining. Controlling the trenches to your advantage and using the various fire support on your side. It was pretty challenging and I even lost a couple times.

However, after the tank is unlocked, everything becomes too easy. Just mass 2-3 tanks and use anti-tank and artillery to take out the enemy tanks. Easy win.

If you decide to make a sequel, then perhaps base it off of WW2? Add more units, upgrades, etc.

Morale and other such things were pretty creative and added something more to the game.


Overall good job, it just got too easy.


Salad fingers? I even answered that "I like to socialize with people." and "People love me".

How do you get salad fingers? "You are a loner"? You need to fix this...

Great game

but it needed some improvements. I really enjoyed this game, but there was a few glitches and minor things that ruined it for me.

sometimes the map scroll gets fucked up, it's really annoying because you can't see what's going on and you don't know where to launch the missiles, etc. Could just be me though

-a little harder, but it was an OK difficulty
-those kamakazi planes-they fly too fast, I can never get the missile onto them before they wipe out my infantry
-copters, troops should be able to turn around and flank
-more weapons
-artillery was overpowered.

That's it. Another great game, Mr. Cooper

Addicting and Challenging.

A very fun game. I found myself coming back to it every day.

It was also very challenging. The only thing I dislike it having to start all over once it's game over.

Maybe sound nice music and this would be perfect. I'm hoping for a sequal.

very well done.

Much better than the first.

I played this on xgen's website a while ago. And it was pretty good.

One thing is to have better stages. I mean, the only stages I ever played were Island II and Crystal Cavern. The rest just weren't very fun to play on.

castle is too big. You can't even throw a grenade from one castle to the other. And it is impossible to aim it through the tiny windows.

Void is just pretty stupid. I don't like it. I've only played there twice, but it's not very fun. Random floating dust ball looking things and there's almost no jumping from platform to platform.

Volcano is just pretty meh.


Another is people spamming walls/ platforms. Though, they have great strategic purposes, spamming them all over the stage can be hella annoying. Instead of three walls and three platforms, make it just two.



Another great job by the Afro-Ninja. (I did not steal your sig, btw.)


I only played it for five minutes, so I can't say it gets boring easily. But I really like the idea of the game, the colors, and the music.

Maybe add some ramps to do tricks for bonus points? Make the stage go up and down, maybe even in loops. It will be very exciting and fast-paced that way.

7.5( rounded up to 8)

Great job. Keep on making these!

Maxwelldoggums responds:

Thanks! I'll work on making it less boring.

very fun

my only complaint is that most of the guns sounded the same when you shot them. And you should make the max ammo capacity go up by 5. That way you can keep it an even number and not have to count how many times you click it repeatedly. Other wise, it was a great game!

some tips... Don't buy the ak. It's terribly difficult to aim even if your steadiness is maxed out . All you need is a sniper, maybe a power blaster to beat the game.

- I only upgraded my wall once. So you don't need to up your walls hp too much. Just get a good gun and up your ammo capacity alot. Maybe up to 30.

great fun!

Only suggestions is to add some sound effects whenever you beat a level or when the totem cracks. Maybe a custom map maker too!

I quit at the mud.

Very well made!

Probably the most unique game I've ever played.

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