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Great but with flaws.

The flash is awesome, don't get me wrong but it did have one feature lacking that could help many people who would want to use this.

That would be the ability to copy words from the flash.

I don't know how to make the code to allow you to make text have the properties to be copied but if you want a better score, then I am sure that by doing that, you will have one.

Other than that though, great flash and I am sure it will help those in need or those just wanting to experiment.


and that audio of screaming and moaning in the background sounded familiar.Where did you get it from?

save feature?

just an idea.

(also a 1 for humor.lol.obese zombies.)


And to the guy before me:Do you notice who made this and did you read his comments?It was made in 2001, and TomFulp made it.And incase you nooby little '07 user didn't notice he made newgrounds.


Very nice for a first submission, and front page too! :P

just word on some extra stats and here's my stats when I died:


weapon stats:


fear me and my combination of my shotgun and ax!(lol, headshot with ax)
I was a bit too reliant on my shotgun though, i played this game 5 times and the first 4 times all i did was upgrade shotgun skills,
but i didnt last very long because as soon as my shotgun was empty and I used all ammo crates I was screwed. :S

thats it!
good game, very addicting


Great game, just one question.

Nothing I can say just that this game is very fun but does get boring after a while.

This game appeared on what I think is a leech site addictinggames(I cant say the URL), I think they stole this, My friend was on their site at school and I saw this game on their front page, did they steal it? They didnt give any credit to you. Did you submit it there?

PM me,

barrel fencing!


graphics 6
not the best, hes a friggin box head!(but that adds to originality and style)

style 8
a very original and fun game

sound 8
BOOM!If creepy and scary music was added it would be a 10!

violence 8
blood blood everywhere, but I dont know why theres a rating category for violence though...

interactivity 7
easy controls except I would like an aiming cursor, which you use mouse to aim and shoot, WASD to move, and the scroll on the mouse to change weapons

humor 5
Not supposed to be a funny game but...barrel fencing!In the columns I would kill all the zombies coming from the left column thingy, then quickly plant barrels so no zombies could come. However I quickly got bored with no zombies to kill, so I blew it up and was instantly flooded with blood thirty zombies, I also killed a bunch in the process too, giving me a rocket launcher!But it wasnt enough to survive..

overall 8, voted 4.Online mutiplayer would be awesome!Like co-op missions!

great game,

deep sea diving!

woot! I'm rank 18 in deep sea diving! My name is wii r #1.

graphics 8
not the best but maybe its just that my PCs old.

style 10
I dont think there's any other game called James the deep sea Zebra

sound 6
Just a little annoying at times

violence 6

interactivity 7
maybe give James a special power to shoot bubbles?

humor 8
Very funny intro.

overall 8, voted 5 cause before you vote look at its score, do you want it to go up or down, my vote only counts as like 5. something so ill just make the score go up! :D

p.s. I helped save this submission!PROTECTION POINT!



So, do i get the special charges by shooting trees?regular ones or the funny looking ones?I cant do first level, i tree using special charge,either my S key is broken (witch i doubt,SSSSSSSSSSSSS):S
u kll animals with special charge, i press s, nothings happening!Maybe i odny have any... :S

im chinse!

one of those characters was Huo Yuan Jia, isnt he from Jet Li?

anyways, very nice game except it lagged whenever i tried doing a special attack.

DJStatika responds:

Jet li played him in fearless yes. He was a real martial artist aswell though

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