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...just the slightest bit overrated...

check out my profile,i have u guys on my fav artists list!

I mean ive seen a lot better games on newgrounds that just have an overall better gameplay,but they have like scores of 3. something.

i only think this game is weekly user's choice cause everyone on NG loves u guys but not those random game creator guys...

but the intro was very funny!


pretty cool

yeah,with your gun you can only aim up and straight,no aiming curosr either.

1.being able to shoot with an aiming cursor,so if i point there,i shoot there.
2.bit more weapons.shotgun would be cool.

thats about it! good job.

pretty cool

graphics:sprites,but cool sprites
style:pretty original
sound:i like beeping noises
violence:beating up people
interactivity:not enough moves/combos
humor:6 cause i would jump and jump to make holes in the floor so i made sort of a tunnel from the roof to the ground level,jumped off,and would hit atleast 2 agents along the way and they would die.
vote 4.

one glitch:if u killed someone in close combat he would drop his weapon if any and it would hit me,5 damage.once i died from that.lol!
and also being able to hit the light post and other things that would give you a weapon,thats pretty cool.

i would definately play any sequal that you might make,but i hope you would add new moves,combos,weapons,and make it side-scrolling,not just a survival game

Gamebrew responds:

Thanks for your suggestions. In the new version if you hit them while they carry something it won't hit you. But, if your right on him then ya it will hit you.


there was sorta a glitch

i wouldnt touch onw of those cherry bombs but it still blew up and killed me! enfuriating!i wasnt very close either.

awesomeness but...

first ill review your game then give suggestions. kk?kk.

graphics:ahh.non sprite!i love that.and the character create!
style:good job!original.just kinda based on madness interactive .
sound:music and SFX was very nice.music fits the enviorment very well!
violence:if shooting zombies with lazers,machins guns,and bombs isn't violence rhen somethings wrong. :P
interactivity:well...its a game.controls were simple and easy 2 learn.
humor:stinky beans!lol.
overall:8.I voted 5.cause its not gonna make a difference in it's rating unless u vote either 0 or 5!:P

now suggestions,

make more character models
guns such as m16,ak47,mac10,desert eagle, stuff like that.
controls could be better.can i see weapon changing with the mouse scroll?if your mouse doesn't have 1 then atleast make it e and q instead of just e.

i think thing-thing 4 or 5 or whatever one's next will be better than madness interactive.this one is the same...

make more,
kRaZy aSian.

P.S do u know how to change your username?mine sucks!!!i didn't think about it when i made it.it just mad real name.i want it to be kRaZy AsIan. :D

aight. time to wrap up this long long review!i hope u read it.spent 20 minutes makin it.PLEASE RESPOND!!!pleeeez...

Finish.(at last)

its alright but...

I only could get to the second level.make those guards less smart!and make em almost blind.cause in this one part i pressed spacebar,looked around,no ones there,i jump down,and theres 5 guys with ak47s shootin at me.and then i got my mp5 out but then i died...way too hard...oh and i accidently planted the c4 randomly and i nearly killed myself!lol.

anyway.bout your game now.
graphics:were those sprites?!
style:its ok.but again too hard
sound:meh.make different sounds for different guns pleeeeez.
violence:if stabbin people and shootin em isn't violence then somethings wrong.
interactivity:its a game.
humor:lol.oops c4 blew me up!and little peasents runnin away!lol.
i would give you like a 9 but once again:IT'S TOO HARD!!!!!

Im a realy big fan of SSBM but...

graphics:well.they;re sprites but those spries r looking good!
style:very good! style in my bookmis the most important thing besides orerall.
Sound:sounds need a little work and that announcer is annoying.is she your gf? lol.
violence:SSBM has lots of violence so and so does this game!
interactivity:well,its a game! but controls r a bit hard.
humor:need work!im a humoruos guy and SSBM is pretty funny if your good at it and know alot of secrets. i voted 5! gj =D. make another with less sliding and slipping,a better announcer:male pleeezzzz. u should make a sort of system that can log off,log on and has high scores!that would be sooooo awesome! Its pretty hard to get an 8 from me! gj =D


Good game. Even though i couldnt beat it. And 1 question. R U supouse 2 get an anctusl bible and read that phrase?

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