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I fell in love with the series since episode one. Great series, every one the the movies, and a great ending, excellent work.

Excellent character development throughout the series. Brilliant plot and story line. Nice climax (episode 4) and then a sweet sweet resolution to end a wonderful series.

Music and animation were great as always. I wish I could tell you how great this series was.

I wish you good luck in whatever projects you have in plan for us next.


1. Preloader: Ha, need I say more? Nicely done.
2. Animation: It was a little... "clumsy" at times, but otherwise it was excellent.
3. Music: Oh, the music. The animation was great, yeah, but the music was really the greatest part of this whole collab.

At times, the animation... fell short of the music's greatness. And the whole thing got better it progressed.

But, very nice job.

I can not believe this incredibly underrated score however. 4.13?! Inconceivable.


*beep* *bop*

Very nice job. I loved how he went through all the levels and such.

nice animation, music (of course), and "plot".

Just work on your dancing, haha.


I have to agree with poedude.

It wasn't anything special. In fact, it was just really long... and boring. It wasn't very funny, the random swearing didn't help much either. I only laughed when the kung fu guys turned into ryus after eating that "lucky candy"

It was pretty average.


You made me wait too long...

but it was fucking worth it!

The animation was better. I like the new way you did facial expressions. Too bad you didn't have sprays like last time for each player, but their was some "theme music".

I love how you took some of the ideas that I and others gave you. Such as a hacker (every game has a hacker!), but the admin was a good balance to that. I would have liked hacker to kill at least one person with some short of BS headshot or something or another. It might not have worked out at the end though.

I also loved how you had swat (?) and phycho camping outside the a long door. People always do that in the real game. They're always too pussy to go in by themselves, because there's always an awper or some other danger at the other end. Very funny, that's what I do sometimes... run away as soon as someone dies.

Camper was great as well. That first kill, down that alley, happens every game. It is kind of frightening just following a teammate and he just gets blasted all of a sudden.

Lagger was excellent, how he was doing the robot, and how he was just lagging.

Dumbass was BRILLIANT, as always. The bomb on his head made me laugh my ass off.


Perfect. Brilliant. Just awesome.



This is the last movie? Why won't there be a sequel? I wanted to see you cover a few more maps. Maybe office.

I feel so popular!

A flash, about me?! Thanks so much dude/dudett/tranny. (Still unsure of your gender).


I think you're being pretty... desperate? I dunno, but you keep coming back to my blog and just begging for a comment. Then you go and make a flash. Well, that's your time... but I just don't feel like wasting mine.

1. You say that he doesn't want to let other people know about this. That it is a personal issue to him.

So why the fuck are you spreading the word?

2. You're asking random strangers on the internet for comments. I ask you, why won't his family and friends support him?

one hypothesis: this is just a prank to spam someone's userpage. You will be completely confused to this prank.

Now, if you know anything about Cyberen then tell them to me. (Besides him having breast cancer).


I do not think that I am a "rebel". Your first comment was completely random. You're very annoying. Everytime I got on the computer I see 5 new comments, all from you. stop spamming my userpage, please.

And yeah, I really don't care. It doesn't even seem like he wants us to comment. You're not asking for hate? You just made a flash calling me a ... coward?


The flash was OK, but I can't believe it passed. tsk tsk, the portal is declining.

It was ok.

I know you were trying to work on the story, but I never thought the story was interesting since episode one. The best part of your animations are always the fight scenes, at least that's what I think.

The idea for the "Minus world" was a good one, just poorly executed. I didn't like looking at the retro sprites, and they also made the fight scenes poorer in quality. You could've made some other stranger alternate dimension instead of just a simple "retro" world.

Perhaps you could get voice actors instead of us having to read 20 pages of dialogue? It couldn't hurt.

But overall, it was a good job. Well deserving of a front page and daily feature.



this just blew me away. The art, the music everything. Even though these kind of videos aren't my taste, it was good enough to impress me deeply.

good job.



Very nice. Maybe it was ruined a little because a friend at school told me about it, so I saw some parts coming. But still, that was still unexpected.

Very funny.



This time it was more serious, yes, but also more deep. It was as childish as before and more sad and dramatic, but that's a good thing. If you had used the same formula for steps 1-3 then the series would have no development, and would be very repetitive. This episode moves the story along and also is rising up to a climax in the series.

There was no improvements to be made, this is a very rare 10 from me. Well done, good job, bravo.

And also, 4.74? Unheard of... That is just amazing.

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