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A big surprise.

2009-05-01 06:35:27 by kRaZyAzN

I wasn't on this week as I was on a school trip. "extended study program a.k.a ESP". We all went to a little island "Ujung Kulon" for 3 days. The first and last days were for travel. (5 days total). It turned out pretty fun, but it was more of a camp than a vacation. Went canoeing, fishing, and a 4 hour hike and some other typical camp activities. The boat ride there was the best part though. Slow boat FTW!


When I got home (about 20 minutes ago). I had a big surprise. My driver was hinting that on the car ride back to the house. Know what the surprise was?

My mom.

Crazy shit. I didn't know whether to be happy or angry. I haven't really talked to her yet. I just sort of locked myself up here in my room. I guess it'll give me a chance to tell her how I feel about this place though.

Meh, I'll see...


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2009-05-24 16:27:24

Your life too dramatic for NG AzN, your making me cry.


2010-02-02 00:12:17

ESP...extrasensory perception?