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My spring break in China!

Posted by kRaZyAzN - March 29th, 2009

So for my spring break, I went to Shanghai in China to visit all my relatives and such. Grandparents (on mom's side), uncles, aunts, and cousins; I hadn't seen them in almost two years.

Since I went with old fart dad we stayed in his brother's apartment. I just stayed there for most of my days there alone (cousin in college) playing Source. I went to some server that opened up the day I got to China. It's run by those "nooby" underaged admins. You know, the ones that always mic spam and admin abuse. The only reason I go there is because no other servers have english speakers and they suck at shooting so I don't get wtf pwned. Only problem is that they change map randomly (usually to surf) since once again, they suck at shooting. At the end though, I ended the main admin and another frequent player on Steam. I think I've found somewhere to hang out now.

Anyways, my cousin on my dad's side... He's a big nerd, lol. He plays a lot of WoW and Ragnorak (sp) online. One note is that he always uses a female character in these games... He also goes on some chat frequently and as soon as I saw some .gif of some ass I thought "damn that guy must be desperate..." My opinion of him has changed quite a bit... :/

My other cousin on my mom's side is also in her second year of college. She must be... 19 or 20 years old by now. She's gotten... very pretty and is still the nice and intelligent person she always has been.

Don't know what else to say... the week's been alright, and I really don't feel like going back to scrub school. Ugh...

EDIT 4-2-09: Best April Fool's joke I have seen any web site ever pull off. Lmao.

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