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I'm in Indonesia

Posted by kRaZyAzN - February 8th, 2009

A week before yesterday I went on the plan to Moscow, then to Singapore. Russia's not bad really. There was snow but the girls are pretty good looking :S

Singapore sucked, but now I'm in Indonesia, it's even worse. I hate the food, it rains every day 3-4 times a day, srsly. Not too much to say, but I should email/phone all my RL friends back in Texasss.

EDIT 2-15-09: I started school last Thursday. I mean, it's not bad, I just have to find my group/clique/whatever. Still, nothing compares to home. And I mean there is some good looking girls but they're all from Texas in the first place so that doesn't really count. (lotta people from Texas)

This weekend I went on a crazy adventure to a beach and then on a crazy boat ride to some island in the middle of nowhere. Talk about fucking dangerous shit. The gov wont let you do that stuff in the U.S. But Captain Jasmen and his crew were pretty gangster. I threw up on the 3 hours to that place (waves were fucking huge in a tiny ass boat). The way back was a lot calmer but meh. Man, sand up my ass.

And happy Valentine's day.

EDIT 2-24-09: Last morning my mom left us. She's off to visit her parents in Shanghai for 5 days then heading back to Houston.

Both yesterday and today we watched "Schindler's list" in "Humanities class" (supposed to be social studies). Touching story.

I'm really missing Texas right now...

EDIT 3-1-09: Went to a schoolmate's apartment yesterday. Played some Brawl, GoW, and Halo 3. I think I beat him too badly in Brawl so we played GoW a lot... tbh, I don't like him a whole lot. He's one of those "anti-social" people. Plays a lot of VGs (but not very good at them), doesn't have much friends, not very athletic.

After that went to my Dad's "new friends" apartment (in the same complex, isn't that convenient?) Met two guys both in the 9th grade. They were pretty cool, played a lot of Dota (which I don't find very entertaining). Stayed until like midnight though. We played some basketball, soccer, and... dota.

Today! Went to the mall the whole day pretty much... woke up at 10 from the night before, late breakfast, went to the mall for lunch at 3 pm. Then wasted time in the arcade playing some racing game (midnight something something 3). there, we met some very... fat and annoying indo kids. (who play that game way too much). God damn. It seems like the older locals are really nice, but this new and young generation is full of rich, arrogant, annoying faggots.

Well, I need to get in touch with more people back home. I did join a Touch rugby club last thursday, but I'm still trying to fit in sort of. I also heard that someone I know back in my old school punched another person I know in the face. Victim's nose "explodes" and starts bleeding like hell, perpetrator gets In school suspension for a week. Man, things got out of control...

omgomgomgomgomg this place sucks.

EDIT 3-6-09: So it's been a month and things haven't gotten any better. Maybe even worse. Ok, first off: We had to watch their suck-ass basketball team play against some underfunded schools in indonesia. And they lost, they suck. they airball more than they actually score. And they're so damn cocky. Don't you hate people like that? They suck ass but they talk shit like they're hot stuff or something.

Secondly, I got a cast on my toe. Hurt it by "touch rugby", which is ridiculous since I never hurt anything while playing tackle football. Can't do anything for four weeks. What a bummer.

Comments (4)

Indonesia? That sucks. Ever heard any Indonesian grind/thrash/core music? Its pretty nuts


Oh really? I'll... check it out.

Good luck on your voyage - I hope all goes well for you.

And you find some pretty girls again. :D


Girls in Texas are pretty good looking...

i wish you the best of luck finding new friends. no, really.

Thank you.

Stop your crying. Your eventually going back. LIVE your life, and look out for the hot Indonesian chicks.

Enjoi, are you in Brazil now? When are you going? Oh sure, but that's a long time. Even then, I can only stay for a month. Dude, Indonesian chicks are ugly. I don't like... dark skinned girls (no racism intended).