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2008-11-25 21:32:39 by kRaZyAzN

Most of you already know that Thanksgiving day is this Thursday! So, my break from school starts tomorrow, and I'm back in school on Monday. A little shorter since we have an extended summer break. (which I really don't like)

My family and I are going to a neighbor's house for their annual thanksgiving party. Good food. And I can always just walk back to my house after I eat which takes 2 minutes.

Not a lot of homework either, which is great.

So, what are your plans for Thanksgiving?


EDIT 11-27-08: So today's thanksgiving! But there's one problem... I've been banned! On thanksgiving! There goes my month long period with no bans. Boy is Malachy cranky on Thanksgiving. Cooking for yourself are ya?

Well, I'm going to eat dinner now.

My post was deleted

and if you can't see. I was "being an asshole to the OP with no intention of joining his/hers shitty club.

Merry Thanksgiving y'all.



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2008-11-26 20:32:48


kRaZyAzN responds:

don't celebrate it?


2008-11-27 00:05:30

Staying home and doing nothing for all 4 (5 including Wednesday) days.

kRaZyAzN responds:

Really? Can you brawl any?


2008-11-27 03:21:16

Uh, who doesn't? I don't have any "plans' instead of just having a regular Thanksgiving.

kRaZyAzN responds:

Oh. Then you could've just said that.

A lot of people don't really.


2008-11-27 21:31:14

I was actually thinking of making a club but it might be offensive and get deleted =D

kRaZyAzN responds:

lol, what was it about.


2008-11-28 06:48:20

Probably, seeing as how I have no homework over the break, except for some math that I already did. The house is going through renovation though, so the connection might be screwy.

kRaZyAzN responds:

oh really? Can you play tonight? I very much look forward to it. :)


2008-11-29 03:49:24

I have a sore throat.

kRaZyAzN responds:

aww... sucks.


2008-11-30 19:41:36

And on MY CLUB! I feel special.

kRaZyAzN responds:

yeah, fag.


2008-12-01 20:10:29


kRaZyAzN responds:

For getting banned? Yeah it is funny. I thought Malachy didn't celebrate thanksgiving and he lived in Canada. I was wrong.

Lol, mods still banzor on holidays.


2008-12-03 23:21:37

Your username is fucking stupid.

kRaZyAzN responds:

ur mom is fucking stupid.