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2008-11-10 20:53:10 by kRaZyAzN

Well, in 4th period, Ms. Drom did her famous "rock rap". (science class). Happens every year. Just some crazy woman in her 30-40s dressed in "gangster" clothes doing some rap that she wrote, about rocks. It was interesting to say the least.

Secondly, my best friend's girlfriend broke up with him. She happens to be a friend of mine too. I haven't much clue as to why she did it, but I think my buddy was a little upset. Hmm... Worst part is though, she didn't really feel sorry. I don't know if this is with all girls but they usually give each other high fives and whatnot whenever they dump their dude. Don't think it's the same case as guys, but could be. Ah, I hope he isn't too upset.



for clarity: She did not give out high fives or anything. And I was mis-informed. HE broke up with her. She was just "OK" with it.

Damn, this is confusing.


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2008-11-10 21:30:09

damn..she sounds like a bitch. no offense

kRaZyAzN responds:

she's actually a really nice person. She did talk to him later in the day.


2008-11-11 03:00:00

If she was high-fiving over it, he was either a total douchebag or she's a total bitch.

Sorry, but one of your friends sucks.

kRaZyAzN responds:

no no no. I meant not her, just girls in general. She didn't do anything of the sort.

She was just "OK" with it. I don't think their relationship was as good as I thought it was.


2008-11-11 17:30:24

Sapphirelight probably got it right


2008-11-11 19:05:43

Eh, Sapphire beat me to it. I'm sorta leaning towards the "she's a total bitch" answer though, seeing as how she high-fived her friend later.