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Posted by kRaZyAzN - November 2nd, 2008

Ok, next week is my dad's birthday. I need to get him something, but what? Any ideas?

And in three weeks, it's my birthday. I wonder what I should do. I know I want to have some kind of party, but what?

ok, I'm considering going to TimeSquare. It's an arcade/bowling place/laser tag. Although I went there the past two years. also, I'm turning 14. Am I too old for sleep-overs?



EDIT 11-6-08:

Yesterday I went to another football game for our school. District champions. It was great, lots of my friends were there, and we won the match 20-14. Our fullback scored a TD but it didn't count because he was also a lineman, and the ref didn't know he was a "registered running back".

We also yelled at someone who used to go to our school. Last year, he was on A team (we won last year too). Tall guy, real funny too. He wouldn't look at us though, I think he got in trouble with the football coach. He was very unemotional and not his outstanding self, that's what he does when he's mad (which he probably was because they were losing).

Sucks that I didn't get to talk to him, since he was also my friend, but it was still a fun time.


Today I got 4 shots. My blood was also drawn twice. (they somehow fucked up the first time so they had to do it again. ) Yeah, my right arm hurts... The appointment was 3 fucking hours, waste of my time.

It was in a place called Sugarland. I've been there before, but somehow today, I looked at it differently. I remember it being one of the "top 50 best places to live in, in America". Just on that plaza I see a music school, a swim club, and an outstanding day care. It just... they seemed to have a lot of faith in their youth.

I wouldn't mind living there actually. Nice schools, good shopping and restaurants. Also, there's more blacks there. I dunno why, but I like black people. They're potentially the coolest friends you can have. Mexicans are awesome too.


EDIT 11-7-08:

Early dismissal today!

School: I brought oreos for science and publications. Publications for some party like we always do (1st period), then science in 4th period. We were doing some sort of rock food. We bring in food and say how it relates to a rock type (igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary).

afterschool: I went with 3 friends: Mickey (Michael), Keo, and Braxton to Andrew's neighborhood to play football with: Chris, Hayden, Sam, Hunter, and Robert.

After a while I felt like leaving since my own team hated me, especially Andrew. "I don't get to do anything, you guys suck." God fucking damnit, I told him, "And who's fault is that mr. team captain/qb/punter/I don't get to do anything?" We got around to switching teams after Joey, Eric, and Randy came. Steven came later too.

I made an awesome tackle on Andrew which sort of had me do better for the rest of the game. It was fun, but we all got tired and went our own ways. Most went to Joey's house to do... whatever. Andrew and Steven went home. I went back to our neighborhood with Keo, Braxton, and Mickey. We got some money, and our bikes then went to Taco Bell for a late lunch (it was 3:30'ish in the afternoon).

After that we just went back home. It was great fun overall. Too bad I didn't have any time to brawl (sorry wifi buddies), it was worth it though.


EDIT 11-8-08: My dad's birthday was today. Oops... forgot to buy him something. Damn, I spilled Gatorade in the car too. This happens every year. He's never had a good birthday in 2-3 years. *sigh*...

I'll try to make it up to him later.

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Go to chuck-e-cheese's

fuck that.

lol, go to FunZone :P the immitation Chuck-E-Cheese's ^.^

heard of it. Is it any good?

On both birthdays there should be both cake and pie...and exploding pidgeons... <_< >_> ^.^

You thought you was rid of me didn't you, you fish fondling fruitcake!
Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha-haa! Well I'm back, and here to claim whats rightfully mine, Newgrounds.com!
I do hope FatBanjo's prescience wasn't too unsettling for you! HO-HO-HO-HO!


Well what does your dad like? And as for your birthday, what day is it on? I dont think you're too young for sleep overs.

I have no idea, and my birthday is on the 20th.

Oh I cant really help yoiu then how old is he? My b-day is on the 18 lol... almost born on the same day. Weird. Well not really.

he's in his 40's.

18th? That is pretty close.

Celebrate your McBirthday at McDonald's; you can get a free Happy Meal.

oh goody.


Get him an autographed Crink photo. There all the rage :D


Your birthday's on the 20th? What month?

And yeah, get him a Crink photo. It'll be good fodder for the fire during the winter holidays.

This month, November.

lol, nice one.

Disregard the earlier post asking what month your birthday was in, I didn't see you saying three weeks from now in your post. But that means my birthday is exactly one month after yours.

To be honest, I don't think having birthdays on the same day is weird. One of my neighbors has the same birthday as my grandmother.

Well my little bro was born on the same day. That's pretty weird.

i hope your dad dies in a fire and then gets assraped by a camel.

nah, im kidding. happy birthday to him. nah, 14 isnt too old for sleepovers, but maybe 15 is. so, probably your last one. about your dad, it really depends on what he likes. since i dont know that, i really cant suggest anything. happy birthday to you also.