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I made a facebook...

Posted by kRaZyAzN - October 26th, 2008

Oh man, I must've been hella bored. I'm sorry Newgrounds, I've let you all down...

I'm surprised at a couple things though:

1. how people found me just a couple hours after I made it.
2. how they have such good grades, yet suck at typing.

It's kind of confusing to use at first... "Write note", "what are you doing right now", or "write on wall"

They're essentially all the same. I wish it could just be like the pages here. One post at a time, comments. Being able to upload large pictures/imbed videos. None of that on facebook.

Question: What is the difference between facebook and myspace?

Comments (10)

Facebook is more professional, while Myspace is full of emo people.

Oh, ok. Makes sense.

Ek....ice climbers

They're too awesome for words, I know.

Meh, most of my friends have Facebooks, and they say it's pretty good (a lot of them seem to praise the chat on there). I still don't get what's so interesting about it though, but I might make one to see what it's like.

just because people from my school. I was curious to see what they acted like on the internet...

It's alright.

The letters?

that's it?

I have a myspace...

good for you.

All my friends have facebook, so that's why I got it.

Myspace is full of those annoying people whose profile photo's were taken in front of a mirror with the flash on.

Facebook has people who are...well, more mature.

1. that's pretty true.

2. I guess, but not really. If you take my school friends, they act very immature on fb.

I agree wiht bobeh joe. I really got myspace because of my friends too lol. I sort of didnt like until they made me make one.

yeah, that's what happened to me.

Although fb isn't all that great. It's just for my friends, that's it.


not telling.

Good grades =/= typing skills, just because someone has good grades doesn't mean they type well.

I know. They mostly have good grades, yet they type like shit. I think they're doing it on purpose to be "cool.", but I could be wrong.

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