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Unmasking Truth

Posted by kRaZyAzN - October 5th, 2008

My dear friend, Truth. Someone whom I brawl with often and talk to a lot. But I know nothing of him. This news post is dedicated to finding out about our friend.


If Truth doesn't want this, then I will respect that, this blog will be closed.

Facts: - Truth has already admitted to these things...

-Lives in NY. Further evidence that he is indeed African-American.

Evidence: facts to help us get another answer.

-plays brawl after 10 almost every day, rarely plays sooner. (Maybe it's his job?)

Guesses: Reasonable guesses based off of loose evidence.

-is black, cool said that Truth's profile pic was a black guy with a NG shirt. Hmm?
-always refers to NG time, might mean that Truth lives in New York. Might have been on the member list.
-Is 16. Some believe that his profile once had male,16. I think I remember this.

random clues - dropped mysteriously by Truth... List by Crink. Thanks dude.

EDIT 10-11-08: We've put these clues together and came with a solution.

Group 1: Lemon, Firefly- ?

Group 2: Bird Coffin Iron- Iron=iron. Bird=raven. Truth's alt is ironraven24.

Group 3: Cutiecake

Group 4: Snake


For all we know, truth could be a 50 year old illegal Mexican Immigrant. Give me all you know in your comments. We just might unmask the mysterious Truth. O_o

EDIT 11-6-08

I'm gonna keep cracking at this:


-Truth doesn't like Barack Obama - possibly is higher income since Obama's tax plan affects those people.
-favorite color is blue. Repeatedly says in posts "I like blue". "blue"
-still goes to school (HS or college I'm guessing)
-favorite DBZ character is picollo
-likes pokemon.
-"im scared of books, but i like to read"
-Created multiple "ask me" threads: 1, 2
-Created a dating service thread: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/63 2437/1

Old usernames: shohaib-'06,

- quote:

At 11/4/08 11:27 PM, Truth wrote:
: At 11/4/08 11:24 PM, kRaZyAzN wrote:
: : At 11/4/08 11:18 PM, Truth wrote:
: : : Blacks are are now tellin them whites to get out of their country
: :
: : Hey truth, are you black?
: Keep guessing, and i knew you'd see this post.
: Also just now, i witnessed my black neighbor screaming on the streets

Comments (21)

This should be interesting. do your best. try to figure out my age, location, job and my alts. if you can.

So then you'd want it? I figured that you never revealed anything pecause you wanted your privacy. Well, here goes.

Hmm, wild guesses:

Age: 16
Location: I have no clue
Job: Game store assistant
Alts: How would I know this?

uhhhhhh hes black

ohh and he wants sex weed and hoes in his music review

wtf man. You're 10 years old. Ten year olds think about this stuff? Man... you kids get more fucked up every year.

Truth's a guy. 1 POINT FOR ME!

How can you be so sure?


1. His profile says so.
2. He's always referred to as a he. Otherwise he would've at least said something.
3. You say he's a guy above. (Maybe it's HIS job?)
4. cool said his profile pic was a GUY in a NG shirt.

oh, right. I was just joking.

what if i said i'm only 11 years old?

I bet you are.

Then you can sue the store for child labor or whatever.


I know he posted on the first page of my Ghost/Supernat. club. He must of been interested in the subject just a little bit to take a look at it.

ooh... interesting. Thanks for that little piece.

I'm a Girl.


What? Suprised?


Truth said that some of them were to do with Newgrounds..............

And after all of them, he said he'd told me too much....

hm... how the fuck do you know my name is kevin?

hmm... we've got this. GO DETECTIVE POWERS.

He likes lemon flavored things, he likes fireflies, he likes birds, he has an interest in death, he has an interest in metal working, he has a girlfriend, and he likes snakes. That's what my interpretations are anyway.

And Kevin is a typical asian name. It's mine as well, and I know 2 asian Kevins in my school. One of my uncles and his son are both named Kevin. See what I mean?

Crink interpreted this differently:

He said that, First truth changed his name to lemon then firefly.

He then said: iron, coffin, and bird.

Then he said Cutiepei

then he said Snake.

They are all seperate clues. Crink is a fucking genius. Although you are Asian...

Just talking to Crink on Xat. Says my bro was tossing it around on the chat.

Umm... wow.

too smart, eh?

Ok, seeing the part "Truth's alt is ironraven24" made me lol for some reason. I just can't see that happening, I'm sorry. And did he say "cutiepie" or "cutiecake"? I don't think it makes much of a difference, but it could change it somehow.

I still think my interpretations could be right...mainly the ones for the 3rd and 4th groups...

Meh, it's the only theory at the moment.

Care to help detective kevin?

Truth DOESN'T like Azns....

Crink creeps me out....

You're lame.

OK its time. i will tell you what you got right and that's it. after today i will not reveal any more info, and i won't answer any more question regarding my personal information.

-I am currently in New York
-I am Male
-i think Crink made a guess on my exact location, and he was wrong.
-i'm surprised you actually got ironraven24 out of the clues, but then you assumed he was my alt. you were wrong.
-im not telling you my age since you couldn't guess it. this now means that im not 16 or 50
-i never said Cutiecake. that was just another person who visits your chatroom.

the above info is all True

-Knew that long ago. It even said on the SSBC account.
-pretty obvious.
-oh well. All in good fun though
-wait... so are you related to him then?
-But can it mean that you are below 16 or older than 50?
-oh damn.


or is it....

aw shit man. Don't do this to me!

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