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Microsoft office Word 2007 - product code

2008-10-03 21:13:28 by kRaZyAzN

So I made a thread a while ago about how to get the full version of word since it was a trial version. It was not successful. The thread was deleted and I got banned for 7 days, because it was illegal to discuss these things on NG, since they were essentially getting a product for free-piracy.

So I just used the trial version for a long while. But now I have a problem. I can only open word two more times until the trial expires. Once that happens, I won't be able to do my homework - mostly english (my teacher likes everything typed+I type faster than I write).

I know I got banned for discussing it on the forums, but is it illegal on my own userpage? But please... for the sake of keeping my Asian parents happy, I need a product code or a hack or something. Thanks to anyone that gives help.


EDIT 10-4-08: Ok then... piracy anywhere on NG is illegal. Meh, I guess I'll just use Open Office. But the table feature is bugging me... Word just looks nicer.

On an unrelated note, I've been banned:

if you can't read the image, then here:

Reason for ban: Back seat moderating. If it shouldn't belong, don't post. "This post really doesn't belong anywhere, put it on your userpage" ~Mal

I have 1 day and 13 hours left.

Microsoft office Word 2007 - product code


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2008-10-04 00:28:45

...Why do you want Microsoft Office Word in the first place? Seriously.

There's a really nice program called OpenOffice, which comes in a bundle of formats for writing (identical to Word pretty much), calculators, calendars, planners, etc. Honestly... just check for something else that's available that could replace your items next time.

kRaZyAzN responds:

Grr... I have openoffice, but I don't know. I don't like using it. But if I must...


2008-10-04 00:29:11

also... forgot to mention, OpenOffice is free.


2008-10-04 11:36:30

Yeah, but it's better. In my opinion.

kRaZyAzN responds:

I still like Word better. It just looks nice, and OppenOffice's table is bugging me.