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I have...

Posted by kRaZyAzN - September 30th, 2008

an 88.2 in Algebra. OMFG, I'm dead.

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I have a 98.6 in Advanced Algebra. <:)

did it round up to a 99?

Because mine rounded down to an 88.

I have a 100 grade. She let me redo my failed test.


I have no idea what I have in Algebra. I think we get our interims (AKA progress reports) this week.

And I got the highest score in the class for the Chapter 1 test. Haha.

Good job.

I have Geometry. Haha.

freshmen? I take Geometry next year, my freshman year.

I'm a junior.

mwahahaha, I'm ahead of you. I'm taking... Calculas in my junior year?

I'm taking Calculus next year (sophomore). Pwned.

!! Oh no.

88.2 in Algebra?
You got a higher grade than me <.<

I'm barely passing Algebra, and it's an Honors class too.


Jesus fucking Christ. Calculus sophomore year? You have to be kidding me. I'm a sophomore and I'm taking Algebra I... and that's below most people.

Algebra 1 in sophomore? I'm having it in 8th grade, so I'm... 2 years ahead of you?

I take Geometry freshmen year
Algebra 2 in sophomore
and... I don't know what's next.

Did you read the Carson updates blog?

Carson updates? what's that.

Yes, I hate most math and I'm terrible at it. Now I have a C- in Algebra 1. I don't really need it, and you only need Algebra 1 to graduate from high school.

<a href="http://gooftroopmarketer.newgrounds.com/">http://gooftroopmarketer.newgrounds.c om/</a> &lt;--- Carson Updates, about a kid from my school.

Meh, but think about college... and whatever occupations that I might have in the future.


Also I quote &quot;you crackers have it easily. Mexicans and blacks have it even easier. Easier to get into college too, ya know.&quot;

Mexicans are a type of Latinos. They're not synonymous. Blacks don't &quot;have it too easy&quot; about the grades if some are them are found doing crack cocaine and are sent to juvenile detention centers where they are required to pass at least 6th grade math when they're 11th grade math. Not to be racist, but that's true in a lot of all-black areas.

Be happy because your life seems easy and very relaxing to me.

I only called them "crackers, mexicans, and blacks" because they were all bitching that their parents get pissed at a C. Mine get pissed at a B. I consider them lucky.

They're fault for making those choices.

Never complained really. My life is OK, just busy.

Wow.. 88 is like a B+ Though my lowest grade is a D- so yeah.

What's your highest grade then?

I'm not sure what my lowest grade is. We never got report cards. We have an online grade tracker, but I never set up an account.

proof that your not an asian

I am so ashamed...