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First day of school!

Posted by kRaZyAzN - August 25th, 2008

Phew, just got home. Quite an awesome day.

I'm satisfied with my schedule, however I missed a class today... For my 8th period, my schedule said to go to "Mr. Daniel's room". But I'm in 8th grade now, and I had him in 6th grade. So I thought, "Wait, he teaches 8th grade now?"

I asked him and he told me to go to the counselors office. There, they found what the problem was. There wasn't any open 8th period pre ap science classes. So they swapped my 4th period P.E. class with my 8th period science class. So I had to go to 2 periods of P.E. Which sucked, even though I like P.E. and it's my favorite subject, I didn't want to hear the same 45 minute lecture again. (It was the first day, the coach just told us the rules and guidelines and all of that stuff.)

And, I'm behind a day in my science class, I hope that the science teacher is nice and won't bite my face off for missing the first class.

Edit 9-26-08: The teacher just laughed it off. there's too many people though, I had to sit at a larger desk in the back of the room.

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Lets hope dude.


Middle school was shit.

maybe if you made some friends... I bet you flunked too.

you're a cunt

... no you.

Well since my community is so poor the middle school and High school are in one school. Middle wasn't so bad for me its just The middle schoolers could only walk to the Cafeteria, gym, and like 3 breezeways, that's it. We had barely any room.

I got 9 days left.

Your middle school schedule sounds 100 times more complicated than mine was.

Wait till you get to High School. Schedules there are as cryptic as an Area 51 code, and they don't even explain them to you.

it's not really complicated, we have 9 periods. The computer just fucked up my schedule...

My first day is tomorrow, sucks. :(

What grade are you going into? I enjoy school, it's pretty good.

Wtf, you have 9 period in middle school? In my middle school, there's only 7, although they do make you go through 3rd everyday. The high school I'm heading to has 8 apparently, although it sounds like it's just a free period for doing random homework.

yeah, we have 8. But that includes lunch and advisory, which is like time to do your homework.

My first day of school was today, I have homework already -_-

And I'm banned from the BBS =(


I don't start until September 2, due to construction problems.
I'm in 9th grade, so I have ROTC, Marching Band, and Algebra, etc.

I have algebra 1 and technology. Those are for high school credit.

Ha, Algebra 2 Honors. Take that bish. But that means that it's harder. ...crap...

oh, lol.

I'm only in 8th grade. I have al pre-ap classes, except for Algebra, which would sort of be a GT class.


I don't mind school.

In fact I enjoy classes, it is more of half the kids that I hate. >.>

people at my school are ok. I just avoid the really nerdy ones.

Even though I'm probably the nerdiest guy in my group of friends. which, by the way, has no other asians. All white people.

Haven't so much as gotten my schedule yet...