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Posted by kRaZyAzN - August 24th, 2008

Today marks the last day of my summer. Tomorrow, I go to my awesome school, Beck Junior High School. I'll be in 8th grade.

I'm a little sad that summer is ending, I won't nearly get as much time on the internet or playing brawl. But on the other hand, I'm quite excited to see my friends, and one that is moving back from Utah(or wherever the hell he went to), to Texas.

Tomorrow I have to get up at 6:20 am, no later than 6:35. The school bus gets here at around 6:50. My first class starts at 7:30. No more sleeping in... no more brawling in the morning and doing homework in the afternoon... I get out at 2:30, get home at around 2:55. All these times are central time, I live in Texas.

Well, it was fun chatting with you guys at 8 in the morning until 1 at night, but it's over now. Until next year, my Newgrounds chums!

So, has anyone already started school, what time does your school start(ed.)?

EDIT, 6:00 CMT:

FUCK! I forgot to pick up my schedule and school supply list. I won't know my locker number, etc.

Shit. Aw, hopefully they'll have my schedule when I go there tomorrow.

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i go to school tomorrow i have to get up at 7:00 to 8:30

you can get up at 8:30? Or does school start at 8:30, or was that just a typo?

Hah, you have to go back, I have a solid two weeks before I go back.

Good for you, but I'm looking forward to it.

I graduated high school in (get ready for it) 007! badass, and the farewell party was james bond themed, shaken... not stirred.

lol. Nice.

I got 11 days left, gonna be a freshman :( Also, You're goin into 8th? I thoguht you were much older, ya know. Just what I thought.

... hehe, no. I'm actually quite young.

Have fun at school? You can still talk when you get back though, not much happens in the early hours since most people have school now.

I still have 9 days or so before my school starts. Dunno exactly what times, but I have to get up at around 6:30 I think.

Yeah. I think we might be able to hold the team tourneys in the afternoon. But I still have homework, and after like a month into schoo, my swim team starts up again. God, I hate swim team.

And I don't even know my locker or schedule yet, forgot to pick up the sheet. But they might have them out on a table for other people who forgot, or I might just get one from the front office.

I didn't know we are the same age!

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