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More family troubles...

Posted by kRaZyAzN - August 22nd, 2008

Well, my dad has applied for a job in Indonesia. He works for Chevron. If he gets the job, then him, my little bro, and I will all be moving there and going to an international school. If that happens, he'll also bring a whore he met from the last time he went to China. Details.

Of course, I don't want this to happen. However, a lot of people have applied for the job and some are of a higher position then he is at the Chevron he works at right now (In Houston). So, the chances that he will get the job aren't all that great. But he's really trying all his best to get the job.

So if it does happen, worse case scenario:
1. I leave all my awesome friends here
2. I won't see my mom unless she visits during holidays
3. My dad has a kid with his new "girlfriend"
4. The new school is filled with faggots

Maybe I should go back to that church and pray or some shit like that. My mom's doing it. Details on my church visit.

So yeah, I REALLY don't want this to happen. If it does, I'll still be on NG, but of course, because of the major time zone difference, you'll all be asleep in the U.S. I also can't brawl on wi-fi. But that's not very important right now... My life will change dramatically.

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Holy Shit, that sucks!!! My parents divorced but nothing like that has happened, I have a wierd sleeping habbit though so I probally wont be sleeping. And Indonesia no less, I feel your pain! ^.^

yeah. I would be OK with it, if they just divorced but we all still lived relatively close. That way we could still visit, etc.

no idea what Indonesia is like though. But I prefer the United States of AMERICA.

Dang, that's a pretty...shitty situation...If you feel like praying, pray to whatever holy objects you know that your dad won't get the job. Or try and convince him not to. Or ask if you can stay with your mom instead of going with your dad.

Incidentally, have you thought about sabotage? *shifty look*

Well, I have to stay with my dad because.

1. My mom doesn't have the time or energy to take care of my little brother and I, but my dad will have a company driver,cook,etc.
2. If I don't go, my dad will spend all his money on his girlfriend=no college fund.


If you want, I can get Anon to sabatoge him.

anon? Who's that? Anonymous?

And sure, go ahead.

Yeah it's Anonymous, newfag.

Gimme info and shit.

... I'm serious. You're not, please... this is no time for jokes.

Wait, you're serious about the sabotage thing? I was only joking about that. But if it works, hooray for it I guess.

no, I'm not serious about sabotage. I know you were joking.

I really hope that your father won't get the job.

Yeah, me neither.

That would suck.

it does suck.

And I thought having braces was bad. I should really count my blessing.
So sorry and best of luck

alright. Thanks, good luck with your braces.

Peace dude.