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Family troubles...

Posted by kRaZyAzN - June 17th, 2008

Both of my parents are in their 40's, and they've been married for almost 20 years. But now, they are constantly arguing and yelling at each other.

Here's how it all started:

About a month ago, my dad took a three week vacation to visit china (where our family is from). He visited Chengdu (I think it's also called sichuan, but anyways, it's the city that got hit by an earthquake).
He met some ugly whore, who is extremely uneducated and in her early 20's.

So now my dad wants a divorce just so he can go back to china and live with some girl he met in china, who is 20 years younger than he is. Of course, my mom doesn't want to get divorced, not because she still loves him, but because of my seven year old brother and I.

She told him that she would only agree to the divorce if they had a joined custody over us (one parent take care of the kids during a set time period and then they switch off at regular intervals i.e. one month, 6 months, etc.)

However, my dad does not agree to this and now I'm afraid that we'll have to go to court. Wasting all our family's money to hire lawyers and shit. Which means my little brother and I can't go to college, unless we get scholarships.

So to break it down for you: My dad wants a divorce, but my mom doesn't, so they are constantly fighting.

I try not to think about it when I'm on Newgrounds, but it's been going on for about six weeks now. I just have to let it all out. Also, please don't post replies such as "No one cares" or "No one gives a shit". If you don't care about what I have to say, then just don't post. It's that simple.


EDIT July 13, 2008: I was just about to post something else, because looking at this old post makes me a little sad, and my parents haven't really argued for a while. (And also, I've been banned from the BBS for four days by Malachi... what a dip). But today and yesterday have been terrible.

My parents argued ALL DAY LONG. Before I even woke up and after I went to sleep, at 11:00 p.m. Screaming and yelling at each other. And when we went to china town for dinner, my mom left the restaurant. and came back after we had finished eating. Not a single word was said all night.

But today, they actually fought each other. I didn't see it because I was terrified and went into another room, but I could hear it. They were cursing at each other and my mom was crying and there was a huge mess in the living room. It was just awful. And now, they're at it again...

Thy can't seem to agree on anything. And they'll probably be going to court. Which might take a while, so my little brother and I will be caught in the cross fire for at least another year.

in other news... I played territory wars online for the first time today. Stumbled across a troll.

thebeast233: ummm
thebeast233: can i u read
thebeast233: can u read
kRaZyAzN.1: yeah, you're question just comfuses me
thebeast233: ok
thebeast233: ur out of line
kRaZyAzN.1: omg, did i die?
thebeast233: ur very rude
kRaZyAzN.1: dude, what is wrong with you?
thebeast233: ur talkn trash
kRaZyAzN.1: no im not...
thebeast233: yes
thebeast233: u called me laggy
kRaZyAzN.1: just your pc ...
thebeast233: pc?
kRaZyAzN.1: computer
thebeast233: fuck ur mac
kRaZyAzN.1: i have a pc too
kRaZyAzN.1: wtf is wrong with you?!
thebeast233: hey
thebeast233: u started it
kRaZyAzN.1: started what?
kRaZyAzN.1: im so confused...
thebeast233: u wanna tussle?
thebeast233: if u do
thebeast233: go to six flags at 6 pm tommorrow
thebeast233: ill meet u at the entrance
kRaZyAzN.1: what are you on about, im not trying to argue
kRaZyAzN.1: why are you trying to pick a fight?
thebeast233: u started it
thebeast233: y u yellin?
kRaZyAzN.1: it's just very frusturating
kRaZyAzN.1: i dont know what youre talking about
thebeast233: ur telln me
kRaZyAzN.1: omg
kRaZyAzN.1: you troll
thebeast233: so
thebeast233: dats how its gunna be

I couldn't c and p all of it. But this guy was getting on my nerves.

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" Wasting all our family's money to hire lawyers and shit. Which means my little brother and I can't go to college, unless we get scholarships. "


Attention whore

Sit down and have a chat with them (a family talk with your brother too) and ask your dad why he prefers the chinese person. If your mum shouts, shout and tell her to be quiet. Tell them how you and your brother feel about all of this, and get them to remember all of the good times you've had, and what you've all been through. I hope this helps!

my dad is chinese, so naturally, he likes chinese ladies. But my mom just told me not to worry about the whole situation.

I'm so so so sorry :(
I hope everything clears up soon.. you should talk to them and let them know that what they're doing is wrong.. best of luck!

Ps. achilles and champigne are fucking assholes; i'll take care of them.

I'd appreciate it.

awww, man that was so sad!!!almost cried, hahaha

... I sense sarcasm...

Don't listen to Champigne, Achilles and DoubleP, they're just assholes.

of course not. I've learned how to ignore assholes during my time on Newgrounds.


I know how you feel, My parents are getting along horribly. Both my parents want a divorce however they only agree to stay together until the day both my little brother and I move out to college. Right now I'm barely keeping hope about my parents marriage relationships. However I must fight on. So must you, you can survive. I'm very sorry about whats going on with your family but the reality is that these happen and that means that we have to fight that harder to try to live on.

ok... I will do just that.

Hi Kevin.


holy crap dude that sucks... im really sorry for u man, i hope it all works out in the end..

Chocolate and White Chocolate

pretty bad situation but maybe your lucky and this comes to a good end...

I almost thought you were a guy I knew since your location says you live in Texas and your username is kRaZyAzN. Then I saw you said you were from china, and i thought "Damn my friends Korean."


you know, a LOT of asians use this alias, it's not original. So you'll probably find alot of em.

Hah. I'm not faking my gender I just set it to that because I was bored and I upload random images of chicks on there to see what 12 year old boys comment say.

Yeah I've edited that post a few times. It has been up since 2007.


Eh... my parents got divorced when i was 5, joint custody to which is gay because ever since i got in an argument when my dads girlfriend i havnt been seeing him on a regular basis... like once every couple months, it used to be evvery other weekend. and that argument happened over 3 years ago. -_- Anyways good luck dude. Btw if you ever wanna battle it out on Territory wars sometime ill give you my AIM, MSN, Xfire, YM.... lol yea... whatever one of thoes you have and well set somethin up. Just PM me.

Oh... um, next time put comments on my curent blog. I usually don't read the other ones.

And Territory wars has gotten boring.