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Al Roker.


Please comment on cyberen.newgrounds.com <--- he has breast cancer and is currently being treated at the hospital, please leave a message to let him know he's in your thoughts

1. Stop trolling
2. fuck off.


Life story post again eh?

yeah... so how was it?

I'd beat you all in Football

Even though my team is 8th grade, and you're 16, we'd still beat you. They're just too good.

You mean American Football, right?

Yeah.... not soccer. We don't have a soccer team, so I guess you would.

How am I trolling?

this dude has breast cancer? How come he hasn't said anything about it?

Well fine. If you're going to be in the hospital with breast cancer, and NOBODY delivers their care to you, then don't blame anyone but yourself for that.

doesn't he have friends? Are you going around asking random people to "pray for him"? I have no idea who this is. A stranger.

Why won't his family and friends support him? Why do you need us?

He can't make announcements here because he's in the DAMN HOSPITAL. He has limited access to the Internet at the hospital via his personal laptop. Also, he wouldn't make these large posts announcing that here, it's more of a personal thing that will take at least a few weeks for him to feel comfortable knowing that his disease is being reported and cared for across the Internet.

Again, why aren't his friends and family at the hospital to support him?

If he isn't comfortable, why are you doing it for him? That's the same isn't it? Personal issue that you're sharing with us.

A disease cared for across the internet? So is it not just NG? You're posting every-fucking-where?

Now please, one comment on Cyberen's page, or I'll have to keep this convo further. Do you want to help out a person suffering from cancer or no?

Will he be able to read it? As you said, he has limited access to the internet.

I would, but I'm just curious as to why you're turning to us. Rather his friends or family.

Does it matter? He'll read it later and he'll feel better after recovery reading these. I'm nobody that you know, but please for the sake, give Cyberen a comment

Also this is Richard Lauchlin Bennett, please look at this photo to see the disclosing of Princess-Laucherella (my account's alias): <a href="http://a37.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/26/l_57023738b9c708029e95f4e30d4dde7c.jpg">http://a37.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/i mages01/26/l_57023738b9c708029e95f4e3 0d4dde7c.jpg</a>

*to Princess-Laucherella*

stfu now, and quit bothering him.

Sounds like you had a good time at the game, meeting old friends and such.
Here at my school, I'm in the band, and we go to every football game.
While you have a good team, Wharton sucks and almost never wins.

Haha, yeah... we're quite the team. I had a great time, thanks.

ninjakoopa, will you get out of here?

Why won't you? Thank you koopa. You're starting to piss me off, miss Princess.

Princess-Laucherella: If he doesn't want to go post a comment, then stop pestering him. He's not going to change his mind. And seriously, why don't you just get his family and close friends to pray for him instead? If I was him, getting random messages from complete strangers would make me feel somewhat odd.

Also, you say that he wouldn't go around making these sort of posts around the Internet, yet you do it for him? If that's the case, why are you doing it?

As a side-note, you haven't answered my response to your comment on my own news post. You didn't forget the answer, did you?

kRaZyAzN: You seem to have a lot of these &quot;meeting up with past friends&quot; moments. Also, random question, but do you play football yourself? You seem pretty enthusiastic about the sport.

Thank you, those were the exact questions that I asked Laucherella.


Weird isn't it.. no, that was like twice... including this one.

No, I do not. I wanted to, but my mom forced me to do swim team instead (gay). I didn't know anything about the sport until last year, when my school just beat the shit out of everyone else. That made me a little proud to go to the school, ya know? I got interested, bought Madden 08 and just learned about the game from there. I frequently watch college and NFL games, but I don't play. Maybe just during P.E. class whenever they let us choose basketball, soccer, or football.

ORLY, now?

Then why don't you just go and delete all of the posts that she made?


You iceclimbing fag.

I don't climb ice. I've never so much as been on a mountain.

WOW a football game! HOW FUN

thank you for your sarcastic comment. A lot of people like watching football thank you very much.

Hey, didn't you used to have a Garbage whistle?
*not to much of a sports fan by the way...

actually.... no. I've always been normal.

&quot;Legend-of-Zelda says:

You iceclimbing fag.

Oct. 17, 2008 | 10:47 PM kRaZyAzN responds:

I don't climb ice. I've never so much as been on a mountain. &quot;



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