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Awesome, we can kiss now?


do you like stalk me and post whenever I make a new blog?

Cericon is just an attention whore =b

I know, right?

Bleh, braces. I hated mine, the wires kept cutting the inside of my mouth and occasionally my tongue, and some foods kept getting stuck in them. I was insanely happy when they were taken off, though it felt weird after having them for about 2 and a half years. But now I have to wear some stupid retainer for another couple years. -_-

I know, after you're done with braces, you have to wear retainers...

If the wire was poking into your mouth, you should've asked the nurse or whatever to clip some of it off.

I really don't mind braces.

I thought your name was "kRaZyAnN", lol.

oh... ok. I took the time to know your name, then you should too!


Even if they do cut the wire, it'll either stick back out when your teeth get closer together, or they can't completely cut the wire, so a tiny bit may still be there. Either way, it still hurt.

oh, well never happened to me.

Three years huh? I got braces in around march, and I only have to where them for a year.

so either my ortho is ripping us off or your teeth were already straight.

My teeth are pretty straight, I just have an overbite.

oh yeah. Me too. You have to wear rubberbands right?

Well, I only wore them at night and last night I was trying to put them on, but I realized that I couldn't because my top braces were missing. lol, it became a habit.

Lucky bastard, I got braces till late 2009 - early 2010. >.<

How long have you had them for so far?

December 3rd, 2007. I got to have them for a longer period of time than most people.

That does seem like a while.

But, I've had mine for quite some time too. Since Fall of 2005. So yeah, 3 years.

You Are A Homoseckshal

you didn't even spell "homosexual" right. Dumbass.

I've never needed Braces. I laugh at your Imperfect Teeth. Haha.


But why?

Didn't I comment on this post before? If not, JingJing makes me happy too ^.^

no. Do you like comment on everyone's userpage or something?

Yeah, JingJing is the best.

I feel like I need braces but I don't have them. are they weird to have?

um... not really. You'll get used to them.

It might hurt on the first couple days after you get them, but I didn't think it was too bad.

Getting them off hurts though.